We hear it quite often that when companies first look into IT staff augmentation, they aren’t really sure if the move will provide the return on investment they are hoping for.  Concerns about having someone else do the work, instead of themselves, play on their mind. They worry about whether doing work remotely will yield results. They also question that if they are struggling to find the right talent, how can the Gullview team do it?  Yet, time and again they are pleasantly surprised by our results.

As it turns out, when you hire Gullview Technologies as your IT staff augmentation experts, our lakeshore model and talented teams can be very cost-effective and provide a return on investment (ROI) on your technology work efforts that will compound over time. Let’s take a closer look at how:

  1. Designated Teams – Our strategy at Gullview is to form long-term partnerships with our clients. What does this mean? With our lakeshore model, we build dedicated teams specifically tailored to our client’s ongoing technology needs. Unlike most project houses, where the technology team is assembled only for the duration of the project, then disbanded when completed, our lakeshore model dedicates our team to our client’s ongoing workload pipeline. In doing so, we build up valuable knowledge in our client’s systems, technologies, and business workflows. This means from project to project there is less time (and cost) needed to get up to speed, especially compared to one project and done contractors. Valuable business insights and intellectual property is maintained, just as it would with a regular employee, making it effortless to finish one software development project and head straight into the next one.
  2. Total Cost of Ownership – One of the common feedback points we hear from our clients about outsourcing work are the “hidden costs” of taking work offsite, either with local project contractors, or offshore teams. The rate quoted for work is quite attractive, however, what is often discovered later on are the additional costs encountered for adding staff members with skills needed to assist the offsite team in achieving success. With our Gullview lakeshore model, our stable dedicated teams become very proficient in your technology stack and business model over time. Much like what you would expect with experienced employees, our teams are able to take on, and complete, client work with very little additional staff or management overhead. Also, because we do not need to build out a new team for each new work effort assigned, your project budget saves on training and ramp-up costs experienced by most project and offshore contractors. 
  3. Higher Project Completion Velocity – Companies value projects completed on time. In today’s technology dense business environment, getting technology projects completed and working for the business with velocity directly impacts revenue generated and profits earned. Speed in development can, and does, generate a ROI of its own, in addition to the traditional value the project generates for the business.  The sooner projects are done, the more quickly the business can drive value. Our lakeshore model enables our client dedicated teams to develop and compound over time deep expertise, which drives our ability to deliver solutions with higher velocity than typical “one and done” project firms. 
  4. Communication – IT solution development is complex and challenging. Agile development methods, diverse technology stacks, sophisticated business workflows, and constantly evolving business needs drive the desire to constantly be in touch with the business as solutions are being developed. Our lakeshore model has our teams being 100% onshore, and within your current time zone, so communications can be real time, and multi-channel; whether it is Slack, Teams, Skype, or in-person. As with velocity above, being able to communicate real-time saves project energy and money through getting the right solution developed the first time, without unnecessary amounts of rework. 
  5. No In-House Space Burdens – With most IT project efforts where additional capacity is needed, the typical approach is to hire staff augmentation contractors and place them within your facility. This takes additional space, along with the overhead cost of additional equipment, management overhead, and the like. This cost is often overlooked, but for many organizations, facility space is a premium, and growth in space for staff members and contractors is expensive. With our lakeshore model, our staff are based in our facility and use our equipment, reducing the costs and footprint required to staff up for a long-term enhancement effort or team augmentation approach.  

If you’ve been thinking about how to augment your current IT team, or to address a strategic development capacity gap but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider reaching out to us today to learn more about our lakeshore method. Give us a call today at (218) 454-7711 and we can show you exactly how our talent can be deployed to save you money will increase your project velocity.

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