Why Now is the Perfect Time to Take On a Strategic Partner

COVID-19 has shaken up the business landscape like nothing we’ve witnessed before in our lifetimes. No one quite knows yet what the new normal l will be, but we believe it will be significantly different than the old normal. A couple of examples: recent reports in the news state we have had five years of e-commerce adoption and progress, in just five months.  Recent earnings reports show some firms are realizing unheard of revenues and profits, while other, previously profitable firms, are already out of business.

There are times we wonder, with the pace of change today, if we will ever be able to define what “normal” will be again. The gaps between “winners” and “losers” continue to grow and expand. For sure, every business has been impacted by COVID-19, if for no other reason, every business has had to grapple with how the virus impacts their workforce. Whether needing extra personal protection equipment, and worker safety strategies for workers needing to be on the front lines or needing to quickly pivot to a 100% remote workforce, every business has been impacted. The future is already different, because for many firms the future is here right now

Here’s the truth… No one has all the answers right now. We sure don’t. However, one thing is certain—not every firm is in panic mode. The tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are all making aggressive investments in capturing and mechanizing innovation driven by pandemic-forced changes. Many other firms, who have invested in technology in the past to enable them to be more agile, are also aggressively reacting to this time with additional investments and strategy to define new ways to do business, and to provide new offerings to the market. They recognize these changes are happening, whether they like what they are or not. Regardless, they’re taking the wheel and doing it so they can drive what the future will look like, instead of having their competition define their future for them.

In these uncertain times, it’s hard to be self-aware and pause long enough so you can take a good look at your business model as it currently stands. You have customers and employees to be thinking about. However, as a leader, you also need to be thinking about the future of your business and where you can go from here. This is why now is the perfect time to take on a strategic partner who can help you to determine the future direction of your company.

While we can’t speak for every strategic partnership, we can tell you that with our Gullview Lakeshore model, we offer some invaluable insights that can help you recognize what the future of your company will need. These include:

  • Recovery – Every single business this year is asking themselves the big question… Can I salvage this year? The race is certainly going to be on to re-validate your business offering to your customers, and if suspect, to get aggressive in focusing on how to deliver value to your customers in the future. As pros in remote teams and work processes, we can help your company develop systems and put plans in place to pivot the way you do business going forward. When it comes right down to it, even if you’ve had to lay off a crucial part of your workforce, you can build a bridge to recovery. But first, the solution has to begin with discovery. Assessing where you’re at and whether or not you want to continue on your current trajectory is key. You might find a pivot is needed to make the most of your company’s mission. That’s where we can help.
  • Clarity in Vision –Preserving your ability to go forward into the coming years with your business comes down to clarity in your vision. Sometimes that means going back to basics and understanding your market and your customers. You’ll want to know how their needs have changed since COVID-19 and how your company’s vision aligns with the value you bring to the new version of the market. We can help by brainstorming you through the necessary questions to help you gain clarity on your path forward. Sometimes, having an impartial and independent partner who isn’t emotionally invested, and who can see the bigger picture, is just what you need to find the new direction you’re seeking. We can help you determine where you’re really at and where the golden nuggets are in your market value. There’s a calming and inspiring effect that unfolds when you can connect with someone who isn’t anxious about the future and who has the ability to see things you might miss.
  • Continue Forward Momentum – When it comes down to it, your company vision is a beam of light in the darkness—but it has no ability to change your course for you. Only you can put the action plan together to make it happen. At Gullview Technologies, we’re pros at building and maintaining the software engine you need in order to continue your forward momentum and maintain its velocity. But more than that, we can provide the dedicated tech talent who will seamlessly integrate with your own employees as you forge ahead and surpass your competition.

No one could have forecasted how much our fortunes have shifted since 2020.  COVID-19 has unleashed tremendous damage and upheaval in our economy, and in the health and welfare of people here, and around the globe. No one has emerged unscathed.  However, right now, people and companies are seizing on this incredible disruption to our work and home lives to accelerate and enable change, to transform and to capture new opportunities not present even six months ago. We want to help you visualize and enable the future of your business. Let’s talk. 

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