Why You Need a Bridge Between Employees & Contractors

Why You Need a Bridge Between Your Employees & Contractors

Is your company having a hard time keeping up with the IT solution needs of the business? Responding to the growing solution and workflow needs of any company while also grappling with constantly evolving technology can put a strain on just about any size IT organization. To keep from being left behind, it’s essential to consistently invest in technology and system architecture to provide for future business opportunities. Unfortunately, this can be more difficult than it sounds. Staff turnover, loss of key IT staff members and subject matter experts, and rapidly evolving business needs make it challenging to maintain the solution pace your business requires for success. Most organizations are able to hire replacements when IT staff members leave. However, with the current competitive IT job environment, it is a challenge for many IT organizations to maintain a critical mass of experience to enable solutions to keep up with the business.

In many cases, when this happens, companies will turn to staff augmentation to “fill in” on existing development teams, or to outsource project development to either onshore or offshore firms to fill the void. But the problem with both of these short-term augmentation options, is you lose valuable project and system knowledge the second a project completes, and contractors move on to other engagements. For the next project, you need to start the process all over again, including needing to get another team up to speed before they are productive. This repetitive need to “re-train” the next group of project developers slows down the velocity of solutions you are able to deliver for your business and makes it harder for your business to get a leg up on your competition.

What alternative is there? We advocate a long-term partnership with a company like Gullview Technologies. Rather than being single-project focused, we’re here to help our clients think strategically as we together build an IT workforce that builds and retains knowledge to drive faster IT solutions over time. We do this by providing designated, competent workers who are focused to a single client, working on ongoing project efforts; very much like your own employees. When you combine this support with our rock star communication, midwestern work ethic (we’re from central Minnesota, after all), and our what we like to call our “lakeshore” model, what you have is a bridge between your employees and short-term single project contractors that help you build out a critical mass of knowledge and experience, enabling high solution velocity for your business that can be sustained over time.

Here are the top three reasons a bridge between your employees and contractors is crucial for being on the cutting edge of your industry. Let’s check them out.

  1. Business and Intellectual Property Retention – There’s nothing that puts a kink into developing IT solutions for the business like losing valuable IT and business knowledge from your team. This usually happens in the form of critical employee turnover, along with outsourcing IT solution projects to contractors who will leave when the project is completed. The critical challenge for most IT organizations is keeping up with the business need is not typically a “one project and done” approach, but often an ongoing stream of projects that build upon each other. With every IT employee loss, your company’s IT architecture and software development suffer setbacks as you try to train and catch new talent up to speed. When you have a bridge, such as Gullview Technologies, between employees and contractors, you maintain a designated group of individuals who can help you build and retain critical IT system knowledge, as well as the valuable business IP that innovative solutions can be built from. Our “lakeshore” model results in a very loyal and dedicated workforce for our clients.
  2. Solution Velocity – With our teams dedicated to each client, and our very stable workforce, we are able to build and leverage critical IT knowledge and IP from project to project in order to drive and compound solution velocity over time. You won’t have to be in a constant loop of taking valuable project development time and using key IT staff members, to train replacement talent so they can take over where others left off. This frees you up to continue full-speed ahead toward all of your IT and software technology goals.
  3. IT Strategy – When you have a bridge like Gullview Technologies in your corner, you’ve also got a strategic partner who is in this relationship to help you develop long-term software sustainment strategies. We’re not all about a project and then vanishing into the night. We succeed when you succeed. We’ll help you tackle your IT strategy for the business, and more importantly, help you sustain that strategy over time with our stable teams and high velocity IT solutions.

If you’ve been wondering how to take your business’s IT capability to the next level, or how you’ll increase solution velocity, you’ve come to the right place. Working with a firm like Gullview Technologies can help put in place a strategic IT partnership that will help you take on your IT strategy for the business and sustain that strategy into the future. We’ll partner with you to build and retain critical IT system and business IP within our technology teams for years to come, as well as increase your solution velocity. With a strategic partnership with Gullview Technologies, we are able to help you view your goals to have a competitive total cost of ownership (TOC) for IT solutions for the business. Put our midwestern work ethic and incredibly talented teams to work for you and see why it’s not offshore or onshore you should be considering. It should be Gullview’s lakeshore.

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